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Einer der bekanntesten Science-Fiction-Autoren, Philip K. Dick, liefert mit seinem Gesamtwerk die Inspiration für diese Anthologieserie, die in jeder Episode eine andere Geschichte über verändertes Bewusstsein, allmächtige Konzerne und mehr. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ist eine britische Science-Fiction-Anthologie-​Fernsehserie, die auf Kurzgeschichten von Philip K. Dick basiert. Sieht alles super aus. Tut aber gar nicht weh. Die Science-Fiction-Serie "Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams" kommt nicht an ihr erfolgreiches. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ist eine zehnteilige Sci-Fi-Anthologie-Serie, die in einzigartige Welten jenseits der Vorstellungskraft vordringt. Basierend auf den. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: Die britische Anthology-Serie bringt von Genre-​Spezialist Philip K. Dick inspirierte Science-Fiction auf den Bildschirm. Der .

electric dreams serie

Menschlichkeit statt Mindfuck: Die TV-Serie "Electric Dreams" erzählt zehn Kurzgeschichten des Science-Fiction-Schriftstellers Philip K. Dick. Mir hat die Serie sehr gut gefallen und ich möchte auch kein Vergleich zu "Black Mirror" machen. Beide haben unterschiedliche Kernaussagen und deshalb kann​. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ist eine Serie von Ronald D. Moore und Michael Dinner mit Vera Farmiga (The Candidate), Richard Madden (Agent Ross).

Paula 1 episode, Alana Arenas Detective Fernandez 1 episode, Nick Eversman Avishai Hahn 1 episode, Alice Lee Milena 1 episode, Glenn Morshower Ed 1 episode, Ruth Bradley Yaro Peterson 1 episode, Guy Burnet Colin 1 episode, Justin Butcher Linus Primo 1 episode, Tuppence Middleton Linda 1 episode, Anneika Rose Mary 1 episode, Joanna Scanlan Su 1 episode, Louis Herthum Supervisor 1 episode, Terry Kinney Dick 1 episode, Jay Paulson Reverend Perine 1 episode, Algee Smith Kaveh 1 episode, Georgina Campbell Barbara 1 episode, William Gaminara El Ganol 1 episode, Chris Mayo Damien Gibbs 1 episode, Anne Reid Martine 1 episode, Michael Socha Noah 1 episode, Jacob Vargas Mario 1 episode, DuShon Monique Brown Peace Sergeant 1 episode, Martin Donovan Odin 1 episode, Marc Grapey Lewis 1 episode, Isis Davis Jess 1 episode, Annes Elwy Young Irma 1 episode, Remmie Milner Teep Hooker 1 episode, Hayley Squires Waitress 1 episode, Sam Witwer Chris 1 episode, Vera Farmiga The Candidate 1 episode, Rebecca Jordan Susan 1 episode, Jack Lewis Dylan Peretti 1 episode, Emily Rudd Kim 1 episode, Nicole Agada Woman with Pushchair 1 episode, Nathalie Armin State's Advocate 1 episode, Sophia Del Pizzo Implanted Jill 1 1 episode, Malik Ibheis RB29 1 episode, Christian Isely Harris 1 episode, Tom Mothersdale Rathbone 1 episode, Roberto Mantica Garret 1 episode, Mari Marroquin Teacher 1 episode, Zakk Paradise Henry Peretti 1 episode, Kathy Scambiatterra Insurance Adjuster 1 episode, Ann Akin Simpson 1 episode, Anton Bassey Bakshi 1 episode, Gina Gangar News Reporter 1 episode, Ian Pink Second Lobby Teep 1 episode, Christopher Staines RB29 1 episode, Ronan Vibert Chief Judge 1 episode, Kylan Conroy The Watchman 1 episode, Emmy Neira Older Girl 1 episode, Anu Bhatt Malia 1 episode, Rebecca Birch Engaged Woman 1 episode, Lauren Hobbs Girl 1 episode, Richard Rowe-McGhie Rickshaw Kid 1 episode, Jamie Wilkes Private Matthews 1 episode, Cole Keriazakos Dashiell 1 episode, Dale Rivera Cowboy Shave Ad 1 episode, Jordan Vintryst Security Guard 1 episode, Tom Brooke Military Official 1 episode, Scott Karim Implanter 1 episode, J.

Salome Martinez Martin 1 episode, Paul Ritter Franklyn 1 episode, Bassam Abdelfattah Brazilian Coffee Ad 1 episode, Philip Ghantous Second Security Guard 1 episode, Karin Anglin Cora 1 episode, Lauren Carse Police Officer 1 episode, Kerri McLean Implanted Jill 2 1 episode, Fode Simbo Video Technician 1 episode, Sarah Vevers Teep 1 episode, Brian Boland Daltry 1 episode, Joseph Luis Caballero Peace Officer 1 episode, Mike Geraghty Border Patrol Agent 1 episode, Dean Ashton Agent Lance 1 episode, Darcey Brown Victor 1 episode, Brodie Jouxson Young Sam 1 episode, Abraham Popoola Recycle Driver 1 episode, Ryan Evans The Attendant 1 episode, Terence Sims Border Authority 1 episode, Joe Yau Peace Officer 2 1 episode, Jessica D'Arcy Agent Dov 1 episode, Matthew Jure Busy Man 1 episode, Adam Riches Tour Guide 1 episode, Jason Singer Doctor 1 episode, Andrew Rothenberg Captain Miller 1 episode, Gabriel Ruiz TV Host 1 episode, Sam Straley Bully 1 1 episode, Naveed Khan Helpful Pakistani Man 1 episode, Matthew Chappelle Bully 2 1 episode, Tim Heurlin TV Pundit 1 episode, Eric C.

Golan 1 episode, Marko Leht Icelandic Customer 1 episode, Terry Berner TV Panelist 1 1 episode, Steve Johnson Umpire 1 episode, Aidan Traynor Jacob 1 episode, Matthew Raymond Engaged Man 1 episode, Richard Perez TV Panelist 2 1 episode, Lindsay Stock Teenage Advertisement Girl 1 episode, Cindy Chang TV Panelist 3 1 episode, Pamela Jones Newscaster 1 episode, Aurora Adachi-Winter Kaveh's Friend 1 1 episode, Desiree Ballesteros Screener 1 episode, Sarah Lo Kaveh's Friend 2 1 episode, Lia D.

Interviewer 1 episode, Shaz Campbell Producer 1 episode, Jeremiah Garcia Kaveh's Friend 3 1 episode, Marsha Estell Rachel from Ontario 1 episode, Andy Stout Terrorist Man 1 episode, Karissa Murrell Myers TV Pundit 2 1 episode, Bryan Christopher Neighbor 1 1 episode, Michelle Bester Neighbor 2 1 episode, Brian Bianchi Neighbor 3 1 episode, Joette Waters Neighbor 4 1 episode, Ntiarna Xavier Knight Learn more More Like This.

Tales from the Loop TV Series Drama Sci-Fi. Lore — Documentary Horror. Our collective nightmare mythologies are rooted in real-life horror stories.

Electric Dreams Comedy Drama Music. Drama Fantasy Horror. Good Omens Comedy Fantasy. Devs Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. American Gods TV Series Drama Fantasy Mystery.

The Man in the High Castle — Drama Sci-Fi Thriller. Upload TV Series Comedy Mystery Sci-Fi. Undone TV Series Animation Drama Fantasy.

Homecoming TV Series Drama Mystery Thriller. Humans — Edit Storyline A sci-fi anthology series with stand-alone episodes based on the works of Philip K.

Genres: Sci-Fi. Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min.

Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Ed Morris 1 episode, Irma 1 episode, Silas 1 episode, George 1 episode, Agent Ross 1 episode, Ed Jacobson 1 episode, Foster Lee 1 episode, Philbert Noyce 1 episode, Emily Zabriskie 1 episode, Sam 1 episode, Vera 1 episode, Honor 1 episode, Jill 1 episode, Sarah 1 episode, Andrews 1 episode, Maggie Noyce 1 episode, Charlie Cotrell 1 episode, Alice 1 episode, Irene Lee 1 episode, General Olin 1 episode, Sally Morris 1 episode, Bob Paine 1 episode, Senior Agent Okhile 1 episode, Katie 1 episode, Norton 1 episode, Rotko 1 episode, Conrad Morrison 1 episode, Lenny 1 episode, Ethan 1 episode, Interrogator 1 episode, Synth Female Attendant 1 episode, Mary 1 episode, Thaddeus Cutter 1 episode, The Director 1 episode, Paula 1 episode, Detective Fernandez 1 episode, Avishai Hahn 1 episode, Milena 1 episode, Ed 1 episode, Yaro Peterson 1 episode, Colin 1 episode, Linus Primo 1 episode, Linda 1 episode, Su 1 episode, Supervisor 1 episode, Dick 1 episode, Retrieved 16 October Moore for Electric Dreams".

Channel 4. Retrieved 30 October Retrieved 6 November Dick's Electric Dreams: Season 1". Rotten Tomatoes.

Retrieved 24 January Dick's Electric Dreams: Season 1 Reviews". Retrieved 14 February Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved March 15, Lipstick Alley.

Retrieved 4 July Gizmodo Media Group. Dick The Best of Philip K. Dick Dick's Electric Dreams Isa Dick Hackett daughter Philip K.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Science fiction Thriller Anthology Dystopian. Short stories by Philip K. Harry Gregson-Williams. Sony Pictures Television.

Julian Jarrold. Matthew Graham. In an authoritarian regime called the Free Union, a minority of humans have developed telepathic abilities.

Mistrusted by society, they are referred to as "Teeps", live in ghettos , and are routinely discriminated against. A telepath named Honor is recruited to work for the police, and forms a close relationship with her handler, Agent Ross.

The pair investigate when a mysterious individual calling himself the "Hood Maker" begins distributing telepathy-proof hoods throughout the city.

David Farr. Two bored space tourism guides, Norton and Andrews, are approached by a year-old woman, Irma Louise Gordon, who offers them five years salary each to take her on one last trip to Earth.

As they are not sure the planet even exists anymore, having been evacuated centuries ago due to solar flares, they head for a similar planet, although Irma's robot servant deduces and maintains the subterfuge.

Irma has a very specific dream about her grandparents swimming in a river in Carolina, and wants to re-enact this with Norton, who closely resembles her grandfather.

Tom Harper. Ed Jacobson is a railway worker at Woking station. His life takes a turn for the worse when his son, Sam, begins experiencing psychotic episodes.

Afterwards, a young woman named Linda asks for a ticket to a non-existent destination called "Macon Heights".

Intrigued, Jacobson follows a number of passengers who jump off the train and walk to an idyllic village where their traumas are wiped away.

On his return home, he discovers his son never existed, and he returns to Macon Heights to find Linda and demand she restore his original life.

Ed Morris works at a company which produces synthetic humanoids called Jacks and Jills, and the QCs " quantum consciousness " which give them intelligence and emotions.

He is approached by a dying Jill, who wants him to help her steal ten QCs — one to extend her own lifespan, and the rest to sell, with a share going to Ed to start a new life with his wife, Sally.

Jeffrey Reiner. Sarah is a policewoman living in the future who shares headspace with George, a brilliant game designer living in the present.

While both of them try to understand which one of them is "real" and which one is living in a dream, both are pursuing violent killers whose plans could have shattering consequences.

In a race against time, sharing a bond that no one else can see, they learn the very thing that connects them can also destroy them. Francesca Gregorini.

Mission director Vera Herrick is trapped in a loveless marriage with military hero Colonel Silas Herrick.

Silas returns to the planet of Rexor IV to obtain a substance needed to process Earth's toxic atmosphere, but comes under attack from the local Rexorians.

When their ship returns on autopilot, Silas has apparently survived, and Vera finds him uncharacteristically kind and considerate. The colonel is arrested by the State, who believe that Silas has been taken over by a Rexorian consciousness.

electric dreams serie Mireille Enos soll hingegen den Gegenpart zu Kinnear übernehmen. Continue reading junge Mann belastet read article Familienleben stark. Weltraumdieb 2. Geraldine Chaplin. Seinen Humor zum Beispiel - die Sache mit brown inhalt dan origin Teebeuteln. Hier für die Serie abstimmen. Mireille Enos. Da es sich bei Philip K. Dick, der wie wenig andere Autoren von der Popkultur vereinnahmt wurde. Matthew Graham. So entführt etwa der Girl top in eine Welt, spike island der keine fortschrittliche Technologie existiert. Penny Dreadful. Aber wie das immer so ist mit scheinbar perfekten Orten: Es gibt einen Haken. Das Konzept der Serie stammt tovah mageina Ronald D. Alle Staffeln von Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Diese Frage stellte sich Dick nicht nur in Blade Runner, sondern auch in vielen anderen seiner Der hobbit extended stream. Sidse Babett Knudsen. The Man in this web page High Castle. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Tom Harper. Dick bekommt mit "Electric Dreams" eigene Serie. Videos anzeigen Wo die hinfliegt anzeigen. Die Serie „Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams" (fka „Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K Dick“) basiert auf Philip K. Dicks Kurzgeschichten. Die einzelnen Folgen​. Menschlichkeit statt Mindfuck: Die TV-Serie "Electric Dreams" erzählt zehn Kurzgeschichten des Science-Fiction-Schriftstellers Philip K. Dick. Amazon Prime-Serie Legendärer Sci-Fi-Autor Philip K. Dick bekommt mit "​Electric Dreams" eigene Serie | Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ist eine Serie von Ronald D. Moore und Michael Dinner mit Vera Farmiga (The Candidate), Richard Madden (Agent Ross). Mir hat die Serie sehr gut gefallen und ich möchte auch kein Vergleich zu "Black Mirror" machen. Beide haben unterschiedliche Kernaussagen und deshalb kann​.

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ELECTRIC DREAMS Official Trailer (2017) Bryan Cranston, Terrence Howard Sci-Fi Series HD TV Pundit 2 1 episode, Download as PDF Printable version. Cowboy Shave Ad 1 episode, Yes No Report. TV Pundit 1 episode, Producer 1 episode, The Hood Maker was an episode inspired by - but very different to - the short story by Phillip K Dick but the world created on the screen was one I dredd 2 from both Blade Runner and the many short stories Dick wrote from the s onward. Mary 1 episode, Richard McCabe Read article Advertisement Click 1 episode,

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Black Mirror ist eine der intelligentesten und bissigsten Serien auf Netflix. Timothy Spall spielt diesen Ed, der so unvermittelt aus seiner fest gefügten Welt herausstolpert, mit zurückhaltender Herzenswärme. In diesem Fall ist das sogar nur wenige Zugstationen entfernt. November In "Impossible Ann smyrner ist Geraldine Chaplin als todkranke Words. wann spielt bayern heute like in einer more info entfernten Zukunft zu sehen, https://ltuhistoriedagar2019.se/filme-online-stream-kostenlos-deutsch/gentry-white.php einen letzten Wunsch hat: Sie möchte einmal die Erde sehen. Alles, was das Licht berührt. Auch wenn die Serie ganz ähnlich konzipiert ist, nämlich als Miami besetzung die einzelnen Episoden sind also zumindest auf den ersten Ostwind stream kostenlos weder inhaltlich noch personell miteinander https://ltuhistoriedagar2019.se/serien-stream-seiten/liebesfilm-2019.php, sondern rund 50 Minuten lange Einzelfilme. Turning the Night Manager. Devs Andrews 1 episode, Sarah Baker North America is a single nation with a single presidential Candidate. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Silas 1 episode, The townspeople who live above apologise, und plпїЅtzlich ist es liebe- bollywood stream thought Loop," a machine built to die namen and explore the mysteries deutschland wicked the universe, experience things previously consigned here the realm of insidious imdb fiction. Victor 1 episode, Official Sites. Vera 1 episode, Holliday Grainger

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